Music awakening courses for toddlers

Our music awakening courses for toddlers are ideal for children to develop several motor skills while discovering the world of music and developing their artistic sensitivity. It is a fantastic opportunity for your children to be introduced to sound awareness, rhythms and tempi and musicianship under the guidance of an expert who specialises in teaching the youngest. Attending a music awakening course at Kids Rock will also help your children improve their communication skills, boost their confidence, undoubtedly enhance their intellectual ability and develop their verbal, social and emotional skills.

Little boy playing percussion

In addition to using instruments from various families and participating in activities such as walking, dancing, running on specific songs played at various tempi, your children will also be introduced to different music genres from all over the world. At Kids Rock, we will all our pupils to build their musicianship on a solid foundation that will allow them to excel at music playing or singing.

Music instruction at a very early stage is essential to your children’s overall education

It is proven that children who join music awakening courses develop intellectual, social and motor skills faster. Stimulating their imagination and offer them the opportunity to express themselves in an environment specifically designed for them is a rare privilege that should not be missed.

By attending our music awakening courses, your children will:

  • Improve coordination, movement dissociation and several other motor skills
  • Be introduced to the wonderful world of music under the guidance of an expert
  • Learn about melody, rhythms and how to respond to tempi
  • Develop sound awareness and musicianship
  • Enhance their concentration and memory while participating in ensembles

At Kids Rock, we believe that music discovery and exploration play a significant role in children general education. We are convinced that playing and understanding music undoubtedly make them smarter and help them become more balanced individuals. Our music awakening courses are offered weekly on a set day and time at our stunning premises at Gate Avenue in DIFC. It is open to all infants and children who have no or little experience.

Course details

We welcome all children aged 3 to 5 to attend our awakening music course. It has been created to offer the youngest the opportunity to get acquainted with music and to discover the world of sound, melody and rhythm.

Parents and child looking at courses

During their weekly sessions with a fantastic instructor who specialises in educating toddlers, your children will be introduced to music playing via musical games conceived for the little ones.

Your children do not need to have any previous experience to join as these classes are made for children to discover music before being old enough to attend regular music lessons.

Frequently asked questions

We welcome all children aged 3 to 5 as we believe that being exposed to music as early as possible is a wonderful opportunity that should not be missed.

Our music awakening course is designed for children to discover music so no previous experience is required.

There is no need to have any special talent to join Kids Rock. We believe that all children are able to learn how to play music and our role is to unleash the music abilities present in each. Of course, some children might be more gifted than others, but in music playing, talent only plays a small part versus benefiting from the advice of an expert tutor and assiduous personal practice.

Some parents worry not to be able to help their children due to not having a musical background. Be reinsured, it is fine, as we do not require parents to have any knowledge in music for their children to attend our music awakening course.

It would be fantastic if you could attend your child’s music lessons as we would surely enjoy watching him or her participating in music activities. We would, however, advise against it, if you feel that your child would focus better when he or she is alone with the instructor.

You do not need to purchase any material or musical instrument for your child to attend as everything will be provided by Kids Rock.

How to enrol

Mum enrolling her daughter

It is very straight forward to enrol your children at Kids Rock by either contacting us directly at, or via our contact form. We will endeavour to get back to you within one or two working days.