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10 Reasons why learning music is important for toddlers


There are many reasons why young children should learn to play music as soon as possible.  We will discuss 10 main reasons of the importance of music for toddlers 1. It helps the development of the child’s brainpower. It has scientifically been proven that music has extraordinary benefits when it comes to the development of the brain. Music stimulates that part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, reading and maths. It also improves the memory functions of the brain. The musician’s brain works differently from that of a non-musician, and musicians generally excel in their grades in comparison [...]

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10 Reasons why your children should learn to play piano


When we start the debate of why children should learn to play the piano, it's important to know that piano is an age-old instrument which has brought a lot of joy to many generations of people. There are very few instruments that can lead instruments, orchestra or bass or band in one. The piano is a truly loved instrument and wherever you go, even in the pub, you will find one. Even if it's old, broken, or a piano which many played on and enjoyed. One can even find a piano in the most remote parts of the world these days. [...]

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